The Onion Rings at Country Drive-In

At lunch time on Labor Day, we didn’t have anything going on. The weather was beautiful and we decided to grab a bite somewhere that would be quick, and where we could eat outside. My wife mentioned that she’s been wanting to check out Country Drive-In in Clifton Park. I quickly jumped on yelp to see what people were saying about it.

There’s several reviews, all very positive, but Josh K.’s review stood out. At the very end, Josh makes an offhand comment without expounding further, that seems inconsequential:

“And the Onion Rings are the best I have ever had. Seriously.”

I love onion rings. They’re a nice change from french fries, and when done right, are wonderful. Tender onions, just barely cooked through, surrounded by a crunchy, light breading. Onion rings are one of those things that are incredibly simple, yet really difficult to get right, and there are precious few places that get them right.

Josh K. is spot on, the onion rings at Country Drive-In are fantastic.

The breading is incredibly light. It’s crackly, and crunchy, and it barely clings to the onions. It’s perfectly seasoned too, with just the right amount of salt.

That ultra light breading falls off the rings in spots. That turns out to be a great thing, because it exposes the onions to the frying oil. Those exposed sections of onion caramelize in spots, and we all know how delicious caramelized onions are. You don’t get that caramelization in other’s rings that are heavily breaded and stay fully incased in their golden prison.



They’re cooked to order, which means when they hand those golden rings of oniony goodness over to you, they’re blazing hot and very crunchy.

I loaded up the plate with ketchup, but that was a waste of time. These rings are so good, no ketchup is needed, and it actually covers up the subtle caramelized flavor of the onions.

I ordered a small, it was a huge portion, certainly enough for two to share.

I don’t know when County Drive-In closes for the season, but I know I have to get over there at least one more time this year for those onion rings, and if you love onion rings, you should too.

Josh K. says they’re the best onion rings he’s ever had. I have to agree. They’re light and crunchy, with tender, and deeply flavorful onions, aided by the magic that is caramelization. They’re the best onion rings I’ve ever had too.

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