Ground Pepperoni

I’ve absolutely love pepperoni on pizza. The stuff is magical. I’ve been thinking of creative ways to use it, and got the idea to grind it up, similar to ground beef or ground sausage. I had never seen anyone grind up pepperoni, and googling it I found one pizzeria in California that is famous for their ground pepperoni pizza. Still, this is a very unique and novel way to use pepperoni.

It is definitely a pepperoni lovers pizza. Every bite is a mouthful of pepperoni, and the texture is very pleasant as well. It’s delicious. This is a pizza that requires high quality pep, don’t skimp on quality.

This is my 62% hydration NY style dough, cooked on a steel in my home oven at 550F.

5 thoughts on “Ground Pepperoni

  1. Years ago, in the 1960s and 70s, there was a pizza chain, Sir Pizza, in Winter Park, Fla that used ground pepperoni. It was by far my preferred choice for takeout. A few still seem to be in operation, but only the one in Lansing mentions “ground” pepperoni.

    I agree with you, you get much better coverage with ground than sliced, and it gets crispier.


    1. The only pizza place in my hometown was a Pizza King (Indiana pizza chain). They only use ground pepperoni. Growing up on it, I now don’t get pepperoni on pizza unless it is ground. Far superior to sliced pepperoni.


  2. Pizza king always use ground pepperoni it makes pizza taste better when growing up that’s all we ever had was pizza king


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