Farmers Markets are Passé

If there’s anything that the foodie cognoscenti love to love, it’s the farmers market. There’s nothing that quite gets their juices flowing like a trip to buy some locally grown veggies at a stand filled with produce, manned by a local farmer or his/her representatives. It’s the thing to do. There’s no doubt, the social elite do-gooders are in love with farmers markets as well, and they insist you should be too. Farmers markets are one of the sacred cow’s of the socially conscience crowd.
Farmers markets have become the equivalent of buying girl scout cookies. It’s something you do because you’re helping the community. It’s an obligation. It’s no longer optional. If you are to be a good citizen, you must go to the local farmers market and support the local farms! That irks me. If there’s one thing that gets under my skin, it’s do-gooders telling me how I should think.
Farmers markets have exploded from small, farmer focussed events where one can buy directly from the farmer, to something more akin to a flea market, where anything and anyone are welcome.
It’s time somebody stood up and announced farmers markets are totally overhyped, and are no longer what they were intended to be.
The Capital Region alone has over 50. (Yes 50!) farmers markets. Just have a gander at this map from Tablehopping. Farmers markets have officially jumped the shark.

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