Sugar Sugar and More​ Sugar

I’m convinced most Americans are addicted to sugar.

I went to 20 North Broadway Tavern last night with friends. We ordered wings, and one of the sauces we tried was the ‘triple threat’. Apparently, it’s popular and people really like it. But I found it lacking. It’s not a triple threat, it’s a single threat. Ostensibly, heat is one of the three threats, but in actuality, it’s only a threat to your blood sugar levels. It’s all sweet, with no heat.

I’m a big fan and sweet and spicy. But, it must be very spicy, with a hint sweet. I’d put the proper ratio at something like 80% spicy, with 20% sweet.

General Tso’s; Most “Chinese” take-out joints make it very sweet, with only a hint of spiciness, and it’s a popular dish.

Starbucks is another popular sugar purveyor. They’re not a coffee company, they’re a (drinkable) candy company. It’s shocking how sickeningly sweet most of their drinks are.

I don’t drink soda or sweet tea, but so many people do. They’re both nothing but drinkable candy.

BBQ sauce is yet another popular candy topping for all manner of ‘savory’ foods; burgers, pizza, wings, fries, etc.

How many jarred tomato sauces contain added sugar? Most do, despite tomatoes being wonderfully and naturally sweet.

I’m a big fan of authentic Chinese desserts, they’re barely sweet enough, and the focus is on depth of flavor and texture. Most American desserts are sugar bombs, and they tend to be huge, with the goal to satisfy one’s sugar cravings.

Breakfast is another sugary American affection. Pick most any brunch or breakfast menu, and count the number of sugar bombs on it. You’re not eating breakfast, you’re starting your day with dessert.

These are just some examples of America’s infatuation with sugar, there are more.

I’m not a sugar lover. I rarely order dessert, and if I do, it’s only when I can share a few bites with someone, or when the portion is appropriately diminutive. About the only sugary weakness for me is ice cream. But only when it’s high quality stuff. I have no interest in eating average or crappy ice cream. And most of it is crappy. Especially the vast majority of stuff soft serve places sell, that stuff is just another excuse to ingest more sugar.

If I have a culinary addiction, it’s salt. I love salty foods, but that’s a discussion for another day.

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