The Onion Rings at Country Drive-In

At lunch time on Labor Day, we didn’t have anything going on. The weather was beautiful and we decided to grab a bite somewhere that would be quick, and where we could eat outside. My wife mentioned that she’s been wanting to check out Country Drive-In in Clifton Park. I quickly jumped on yelp to see what people were saying about it.

There’s several reviews, all very positive, but Josh K.’s review stood out. At the very end, Josh makes an offhand comment without expounding further, that seems inconsequential:

“And the Onion Rings are the best I have ever had. Seriously.”

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Risotto is not Rice with Stuff in it

We recently vacationed on the Jersey shore. While there, I ordered a scallop dish at a wonderful little seafood restaurant that was served with risotto. This is a common combination. Perfectly caramelized, tender scallops, pair wonderfully with an al dente, and creamy risotto.

Then, when I got home, I saw the below photo of the scallops and risotto at Maestro’s in Saratoga, from the Times Union review of the restaurant.

Maestro’s – Saratoga, NY

Unfortunately, we only get a peek at the risotto, but that’s all we need. See it there, on the left?

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