Sauce from the Garden

As everyone knows, there’s just nothing better than fresh veggies and herbs picked from a backyard garden just moments before you eat them. Each year, for the last 3 years, my wife and I have planted a garden.

We don’t have a lot of space, and our garden is small, so we have to be judicious about what, and how much we plant, and each year we’ve planted something different than the year before, with two exceptions; tomatoes, and basil.

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Death by Cheeseburger II – Craving a Juicy Burger from Bun & Bean

In my last post I wrote down my preferences and biases of what I think makes a great burger. If you haven’t read it, you should read it before reading this post, to put this post in better context.

Today, I want to share 3 local burger joints I’ve eaten at recently and share my thoughts about how they stack up against my ideal burger.

In order from what I liked least to what I liked best.
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Death by Cheeseburger

Why do the tastiest things have to be so bad for us?

I just got back from my yearly physical, and it’s good news. I’m healthy as an ox. And that means I’m free to eat bad things for another year. So far, my love of food hasn’t caught up to me, and while I want to lose ten pounds (who doesn’t?) my BMI number doesn’t qualify me for my own show on TLC.
I realized I’ve not put my thoughts about burgers down on the blog yet. So the next few posts will be dedicated to those incredibly unhealthy, but also incredibly delicious, calorie bomb sandwiches made with ground beef patties.
I have very specific thoughts on what makes a great burger. It stems largely from a light bulb going off in my head after eating a few times at Five Guys, falling in love with it, and comparing their burger to others. Five Guys has nailed the perfect burger in my opinion, and I’ve dissected their burger down to its components to come up with a burger style that I find to be the most satisfying and delicious.

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Eat Corn Now

This time of year is special.

Mid to late August is special because local corn is at its peak. The ears of corn are flowing in abundance from local farms, and they’re amazing. Local corn at this time of year is the best corn you’ll ever eat. The ears are large, the kernels plump, and it’s so sweet it tastes like candy.

I look forward to it every year, and I’m never disappointed. Now is the time to eat corn. Eat it every day. Pig out on it. Revel in it. Soon it will be gone, and we’ll be stuck eating frozen corn, or worse, canned corn. Or even worse, bland, tasteless corn on the cob from South America or whatever other far flung places it’s comes from.

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Farmers Markets are Passé

If there’s anything that the foodie cognoscenti love to love, it’s the farmers market. There’s nothing that quite gets their juices flowing like a trip to buy some locally grown veggies at a stand filled with produce, manned by a local farmer or his/her representatives. It’s the thing to do. There’s no doubt, the social elite do-gooders are in love with farmers markets as well, and they insist you should be too. Farmers markets are one of the sacred cow’s of the socially conscience crowd.
Farmers markets have become the equivalent of buying girl scout cookies. It’s something you do because you’re helping the community. It’s an obligation. It’s no longer optional. If you are to be a good citizen, you must go to the local farmers market and support the local farms! That irks me. If there’s one thing that gets under my skin, it’s do-gooders telling me how I should think.
Farmers markets have exploded from small, farmer focussed events where one can buy directly from the farmer, to something more akin to a flea market, where anything and anyone are welcome.
It’s time somebody stood up and announced farmers markets are totally overhyped, and are no longer what they were intended to be.
The Capital Region alone has over 50. (Yes 50!) farmers markets. Just have a gander at this map from Tablehopping. Farmers markets have officially jumped the shark.

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Druthers Flexes it’s Mussels

My wife and I had been once to the original location of Druthers in Saratoga. To be frank, we weren’t impressed. It was a couple of years ago, but I distinctly remember that the descriptions of the food on the menu sounded interesting, different, and delicious, but the execution left something to be desired, and the food left us disappointed.

Consequently, with Druthers opening a location in Albany I wasn’t terribly excited, but the positive reviews on yelp convinced me to at least check it out.

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